In the 4 years Serena has been teaching Frankie, we have found her to be a most inspiring teacher with her bubbly personality, her expertise in teaching all styles of piano, and her firm, but cheerful encouragement of practice and good piano habits. Serena has become a mentor and role model for Frankie, always helping her to move forward and to play to the best of her abilities. Thank you to Serena for all of her hard work and dedication, and making piano such a positive and fun experience.

- Kate Dyson (Parent of Frankie Dyson Reilly)


"Serena has been teaching my two children piano lessons for three years. Her piano lessons are interactive, engaging and fun. Her attention to detail ensures they are improving and performing at their best. She is also flexible, encouraging individual style and fanfare. She teaches with the highest standards and ensures they understand the discipline of practice makes perfect. Under Serena's guidance, they have entered various competitions and have been awarded trophies for their performances. Her talent has inspired my children to love music and enjoy the creative process of composing their own music. My children thoroughly enjoy their piano lessons and always look forward to seeing Serena every week. We are blessed to have meet Serena and am grateful for her dedication and sharing her love of music with my children."

- Raymond Mak (Parent of Grace and James Mak)


"I love the way Serena gently but firmly encourages her students. With a huge variety of music, she gives them the opportunity, the tools and the techniques to be the best they can, or want, to be. She also gives her students the opportunity to participate in a variety of festivals held throughout the year."

- Wendy Rose (Grandparent of Lilith Rose)


"Serena and I have so much fun in lessons – she isn’t just a teacher, she’s a friend. Serena makes sure she knows the students’ boundaries and pushes them as far as they are capable. I have never had a better teacher."

- Lilith Rose (Student)


Serena has been teaching my 4 children piano for almost 3 years now and her happy disposition means they have thoroughly enjoyed it.  As their abilities have ranged  from very beginner up to A.Mus standard she has the unique ability to adapt to all their needs.  She is always full of praise for their efforts but does expect practice and is up front with them if she feels they haven't done enough which, of course, happens from time to time.  It is obvious that she cares for all her students and is sympathetic when they do, at times, find things difficult.  In short, I'd recommend her as a piano teacher to anyone, regardless of their level or ability.  She's a thoroughly nice person.

- Miranda Leung (Parent of Daniel, Joshua, Lachlan and Brianna Leung)


“Awesome teaching with warm personality and professional approach.
Makes my child's musical journey much more fun and enjoyable!
Thank you Serena!”

- Alison Huang (Parent of Jocelyn Hsu)


“Serena is an awesome teacher that manages to make things fun when teaching. I have learnt a lot in each of her lessons and I would recommend my teacher to friends if they need lessons as well. She has helped me achieve a high distinction in my first theory exam. One of my favourite teachers!”

- Jocelyn Hsu (Student)


"I would like to thank my teacher Serena for all her hard work and dedication to getting me to where I am today. Thank you so much for bringing me to this level, and beyond."

- Megan Hampson (Student)