Terms & Conditions


1.    The studio calendar will be made available to you upon enrolment and is always available on our website. The calendar outlines term dates, school holidays, public holidays and student free days, as well as early payment dates and due dates for tuition. Once the school term has commenced, students are obligated to all lessons until the end of the term and lessons cannot be refunded.
2.    Lessons are not normally held during school holidays, public holidays or student free days. These dates will be taken into account when preparing your term invoice and you will not be charged for lessons on these dates. If in doubt, always refer to the studio calendar or tuition invoice.
3.    Written notice must be given before the end of the current term should you wish to cease enrolment for the following term, or you will be obligated to all lessons in the following term.
4.    Written notice must be given before the end of the current term if you will be away for an extended period of time (three or more consecutive weeks) in the following term, or you will be obligated to all lessons in the following term. In this situation, you can either:
a)    Pay for all lessons (including weeks of absence) to keep reserving your time; or
b)    Do not pay for lessons during weeks of absence, but open your reserved time to other students from your first date of absence. Please note you may lose your reserved time and be allocated a different lesson time upon your return.
5.   Full payment for tuition is due before the commencement of that term, as outlined by dates in the studio calendar. Accepted payment methods include cash, cheque or bank deposit. There is a $5 fee for all returned cheques.
      The student's existing lesson time will be automatically reserved for the following term upon full payment before the reservation due date. For new students booking in for their first term of lessons, tuition will be calculated using the early payment discount rate on a pro rata basis.

Lesson Duration

Early Payment Discount Rate*

Normal Rate#













*Payment must be received before 5pm of early payment date to be entitled to the early payment discount rate, The same time slot will be automatically reserved.
#Payment must be received before 5pm of reservation due date to reserve the same time slot for the following term.
6.    Students are allowed ONE make-up lesson per teaching term (for ANY reason such as sickness, school commitments, holidays etc.) providing that notice is given in advance to the missed lesson. Make-up lessons must be rescheduled in the same term as the missed lesson, and are strictly subject to the teacherís availability. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled time, there are no refunds, credits or extra make-up lessons. The make-up lesson allowance per term cannot be rolled over into other terms. All other missed lessons (with or without notice for ANY reason) must be paid for in full.
7.    If the teacher cancels a lesson, that lesson (at your discretion) will either be:
a)    Credited towards your tuition fees for the following term; or
b)    Rescheduled as a make-up lesson in the current term at no extra charge. To be fair to the student, if the TEACHER cancels a lesson, a rescheduled lesson will not count towards your termís make-up lesson allowance.
8.    Lesson time will not be extended for latecomers, so please aim to arrive a few minutes early. Families may wait quietly in the lounge area during the previous studentís lesson.
9.    All students are expected to practise regularly and complete all assigned homework tasks. Duration times of practice will vary for each student according to their level, but all students should be aiming for around 6 sessions of practice each week, with a minimum of 4 sessions each week to ensure some progress. Students must have an instrument on which they can practise regularly, and students from preparatory to grade two must also have a CD player that is easily accessible from their practice instrument.
10. From time to time, photographs and videos may be taken of your child in practice or performance. You must give written notice if you do not wish to allow this media to be used in marketing material for the music studio.
11. Vandalism or theft, whether accidental or otherwise, will not be tolerated in the studio. Please note there are CCTV surveillance cameras in the studio, and recorded footage will be reviewed and used to substantiate claims if necessary. Parents must keep a close eye on all their children (including siblings of students) during time in the studio. Children must be accompanied when accessing the bathroom, and please bring your other children along at the same time. Food and drink is not allowed in the studio, but bottled water is permitted. Please finish all food and drink outside the house and wash your hands before entering the teaching space. Apart from the teaching space and bathroom, all other areas of the house are out of bounds for students and their families.